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If you could be anything, do anything, or have anything, what would it be? We believe to create your most balanced life, you need to begin with your mind first.

Join a community of people who have become members of the #thelimbicplan, a community of people who are ready to put their mental health first.

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“Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art.”


What People Are Saying

Love it so much

I’ve been using the Limbic Plan for a few months because I was in the beta test group, and it helps with everything from getting organized to keeping track of your monthly and yearly goals. The coping skills in the back are amazing.

Natasha Hastings

Best Service

I am so lucky to be a part of the prototype group. So far I use it every single day I use my Limbic Plan to keep things in my life organized while writing down goals I want to achieve.

Dean D. US

Top Quality

I love that the planner is all encompassing. It allows you to focus on your schedule in a wholistic manner; not only keeping track of daily activities but focusing on mental and physical wellness simultaneously.

Martha Tatum, Vice Mayor Pro Tem of Houston, Texas

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